How To Wake Up In A Peak State – My Morning Rituals For Success

How To Wake Up In A Peak State – My Morning Rituals For Success

If you had a chance to go through My Life Of Zen, you may already know that I am a huge proponent of Tony Robbins. It was while going through the Ultimate Edge program, I learned how to wake up in a peak state each day and condition myself for success, through morning rituals. I started out with Tony’s Hour of Power (which I will expand on below) and built on my morning rituals.

To better understand how I address “how to wake up in a peak state” question, here is a quick look at how I start my day. I wake up each day at 4 AM, which gives me a solid three hours of what Tony calls “time with yourself”. During these three hours, I go through my morning rituals, which condition me for success and puts me at a peak state. The first three hours in the morning are my time, where I am not disturbed by others and I am the only priority. I follow this even when I am on vacation and its pretty much second nature to me.

So here is a play-by-play of what happens when the alarm goes off at 4 AM:

1) Daily Power Questions

The second the alarm goes off, I wake up and get myself out of bed. I grab my morning power questions (the ones below) and I provide two answers to each out loud and the reasons why for each answer. This takes me about 5 mins and gets me excited for the day ahead. The power questions also make waking up at 4 am a breeze. I try to give a different answer to each of the questions every day, except for question 4 – Who do I love and who loves me? Here are my daily power questions:

  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. What am I happy about in my life?
  3. What am I committed to in my life now?
  4. Who do I love? and Who loves me?
  5. What am I looking forward to in my life now?
  6. What am I enjoying most in my life right now?
  7. What am I proud about in my life now?

2) Review My Goals

After my power questions, I spend about five minutes reviewing my one-year goals. This process does wonders for me. It motivates me to keep going and allows me to reflect on whether I will be able to achieve my goals or not. If I think I may not be able to achieve them, it allows me to revise or make changes to my approach, so I can achieve my goals.

3) Some Self Love

Once I am done with reviewing my goals, I head to the bathroom, look at myself in the mirror and pray to myself and thank my body, mind and soul for carrying me through the day and putting forth their all, so I can live a life that is fulfilment. Thereafter, I spend about two minutes telling myself “I love you” and the reasons why and fill myself up with an enormous amount of love. This was very weird at first but it turned out to be a great practice. When you are full of love, you give love and you receive that much more back. Finally, I brush my teeth.

4) A Little Morning Wake Me Up

I throw on my gym clothes and head to the kitchen. I pour myself 600ml of water in a glass and mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and I gulp it down with a straw. I do intermittent fasting so, by 4:20 AM I have already been fasting for about 13.5 hours. This hydrates and alkalizes me.

5) Hour of Power… Well About 30 Minutes of Power

By 4:25 AM I put on my headphones, play the “Hour of Power” section of the Ultimate Edge and head out the door. I start off by doing breath walking, where I breathe a certain way for five minutes. After which I spend another five minutes being enormously grateful, and I speak out loud all the people I am grateful for and why, and all the things in my life I am grateful for and why. Thereafter I give thanks for all the things to come, the goals I will achieve, the life I am designing for myself, which takes about three minutes. Then I proceed to affirmations for about five to six minutes… I use my body and face to express the empowering sensation of the affirmation – I probably sound crazy to anyone walking by, but at this hour I haven’t run into anyone yet. Once my affirmations are done, I reflect on the week and all the great things that have happened and fill myself up with joy. Finally, I plan for the day ahead, visualize the day and finish off with channelling my inner energy to make the day the way I planned it.

If you are interested in the Hour of Power, I highly urge you to look into Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge program. It was one of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself. Note: I am not affiliated with Tony or his company, his work helped me take charge of my life and changed my life for the better. Every opportunity I get, I love to tell everyone about Tony and his work.

6) Gym Time

At around 5:00 AM, I am back home from my “Hour of Power” walk. I grab my water bottle and head to the gym. From around 5:10 AM to 6:30 AM I do strength training for about 1 hour and 20 minutes of cardio. If you are interested in my workout routine you can read my post “Full Body Workout Routine For Women and Men – One I Personally Follow“. During my strength training routine, I also listen to audiobooks (I can focus on audiobooks when I am working out), I need my music for cardio though.

On my rest day (which is usually Sunday) I follow the same routine, except I use my gym time to review my Personal Power Two journal, along with my goals for the next 20+ years.

7) Freshen up and Break The Fast

By 6:40 AM I am back home. I hit the shower and get myself ready for the day. I head to the kitchen and at around 7:00 AM, I eat my first meal of the day and break the 16 hours fast.

There you have it, the daily ritual that I follow religiously. When I tell people how I wake up in a peak state and my morning routine, they think I am crazy. But this really does work for me. And if you follow Tony Robbins and have done his programs, you know this to be true.

Of course, I have bad days, but this routine sets me up to win, face any challenges that come my way and keeps me centred. I always make it a point to spend time with myself and take care of me first. It is the only way I can give it all and take care of everything else in my life.

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