Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat – Natural and Clean Methods

Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat – Natural and Clean Methods

If you search the web for the best way to lose stomach fat, without a doubt, you will see a lot of quick-fix solutions and supplements that claim to burn fat. Unfortunately, these solutions are not sustainable nor are they a clean and natural method. Far often the question “how to lose stomach fat?” takes you down a rabbit hole that usually ends up in adverse effects which can negatively impact your body.

Hence, I am writing this article to give you a quick look at some of the best methods that induce the body to burn fat naturally. These methods are also sustainable long term and are the one I use to maintain my physique. In my opinion, these are the best way to lose stomach fat.

The Myth

Let us start off by clearing up a myth that is spread across the web: There is no such thing as a targeted fat loss! You cannot force your body to burn fat in a particular area. If you want to lose the gut, it has to be a full-body solution.

This is why when you read articles and supplements ads that claim to target fat loss in a particular area (say for example in targeting fat in the gut), you should dismiss them as the modern pitch of a snake oils salesman.

Like everything that’s worth having, losing body fat requires time and effort. However, when done correctly the results will start to show within a few weeks. As a bonus, you will also start to feel amazing not just physically but mentally as well.

The methods I use are effective on their own, but when combined together, they result in incredible transformations.

Set a Goal

First thing you should do is set a clear goal for your ideal weight and how you want to look. You need a clear target to aim for, this will go along when it comes to staying the course.

A goal will tell you if you are on the right track or not. If you are not on the right track don’t fret about it. Make the necessary changes and keep going.

Also, if you are on the right track to achieve your goal – reward yourself to reinforce the success and to keep going.

As you get to about 80% the way to achieving your goal, set yourself new goals that are more ambitious. This will continue to build on your success and ensure that you maintain the body of your dreams, for the rest of your life.

Eat Right To Ensure Sucess… but don’t give up your favourite foods

This is a no brainer for a healthy lifestyle. However, when it comes to losing fat, a proper diet, in my opinion, accounts for 80% of the success. No matter what you do, if you don’t eat the right food and overeat, you will end up at square one or even worse than where you started off.

Eating right or getting yourself on a diet doesn’t mean restricting yourself from eating your favourite foods. If your diet restricts you from eating your favourites, it won’t be sustainable and it is the fastest way to falling off the wagon!

To set yourself up to achieve your fat loss goal:

1) Figure out the number of calories you need to eat to be at your goal weight

2) Figure out what percentage of your caloric intake carbs, fat and protein should make up (your macros)

Don’t worry, this is a very simple task and as long as you have a clear goal, it is very easy to figure out! To make it easy I have written a very detailed post on this subject: Lose Belly Fat Naturally – What Worked For Me! (I Didn’t Use Supplements)

Also if you want to see the diet plan I follow you can find it on the following post: My Diet – Without Giving Up My Favourites!

Get off the couch… I mean right now!

A sedentary life causes many health issues. When it comes to fat loss, a sedentary life will work against you.

To ensure success don’t dive into an intense workout regiment that burns you out and makes you feel like crap. Start off slow!

Start off with 20 minutes of brisk walking each day. Yes, 20 minutes of brisk walking daily will start showing results within a few days. From here gradually work your way up.

Once you are comfortable with 20 minutes of daily brisk walking, start including exercise to build muscle. If you have never been to a gym before or worked out with weights, invest in a great personal trainer.

A great personal trainer will teach you the right form for each exercise so you don’t hurt yourself and you get maximum effect with each workout. They will also ensure that you are not burning yourself out.

Remember you want to enjoy exercising and you want to do this for the rest of your life. That’s why I highly recommend investing in a great personal trainer to build a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Note: be very clear with your trainer, tell them what your goal is and let them know “your job is to help me achieve this goal and live a healthy lifestyle… not to burn me out”

Notice the emphasis on “great” – you want to find a personal trainer that knows what they are doing and is able to work with you. Most trainers I see are kind of useless and give personal trainers a bad rep. So do your researcher and find a great trainer. You will not regret this.

Remember how I mentioned you can’t target fat loss. Well, that’s true. However, you can build muscles in areas that you want to look defined and toned. So hit the gym ;).

Along with exercising on the regular, you can also start including activities such as hiking, biking and yoga. Get others to join to make it even more fun.

Tip 1: Get your walking and exercises done first thing in the morning. This will ensure that you won’t cop-out of it and give you a sense of success throughout the day. This is great for the body and mind.

Tip 2 (and this is very important): If you need a partner for the gym, don’t choose someone that is on the same level as you. Chose someone who is already dedicated and getting the results that you want. This way they will get you to follow through on your goals and live up to the standards you have set for yourself. Don’t tether yourself to a skinking ship!

If you are interested in the workout regiment I follow, you can see them here: Full Body Workout Routine For Women and Men


One of the best methods I have come across for fat loss is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting has many health benefits and is great practice for a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to losing the fat and toning out the body, intermittent fasting is downright amazing.

When you fast, the body uses energy more effectively and once it depletes the energy from food, it turns to the fat that’s stored in your body. Fasting is one of the best ways to make the body use fat as energy.

I personally follow the 16/8 intermittent fasting – where I fast 16 hours and have an eating window of 8 hours. Again I have written more in detail about the reasons why I follow a 16/8 fast and how to gradually introduce fasting into your lifestyle. If you are interested you can read it here: 16 Hour Fasting Diet – Benefits, How To Get To 16/8 And Things To Keep In Mind

Honestly, the benefits of fasting are many and I highly recommend you look into this. Do your research and learn about proper fasting methods before jumping into it.


Sleep is vital to our life. If you want to burn fat, ensure you are getting adequate sleep – around 7 to 8 hours.

Your body burns fat more effectively if you are well-rested. Studies have shown that those who do not get adequate sleep burn less body fat compare to those that get 7 to 8 hours daily. So get in your bedtime.

Also, ensure that you are going to bed and waking up at the exact same time daily. It takes about a week for your body to get on a proper circadian rhythm. This is why you can’t make up for lost sleep by sleeping in an extra few hours on the weekends. The body needs time to adjust and screwing up your circadian rhythm won’t help you on your fat loss goals.

You need to keep in mind that studies also show oversleeping is bad. Sleeping more than 8 hours per day has shown to cause adverse effects. I will write more on the importance of sleep in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. (Thats right I want you to keep coming back to my blog 😉

Kill the stress before it kills you!

Stress is counterproductive in all aspects of life. Stress forces the body to store fat and overeat.

When we are stressed, the body pumps blood to the midbrain, which signals a famine is coming. This shuts off the rational side of our brain and makes us over-consume. This is the key reason why we have no control when we stress eat.

So do whatever it takes to reduce stress. Getting active and eating right are one of the easiest ways to reduce stress.

Finaly Words

Well, the above in my opinion is the best way to lose stomach fat. These methods will ensure that you achieve your goals and maintain them for the rest of your life. I use these personally and they have worked wonders for me. Hope this helps you on your journey to living a healthy life. If you have any questions, post them in the comments below and I will get back to you. Good Luck!

4 thoughts on “Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat – Natural and Clean Methods

  1. Thank you for a great article and very helpful tips on losing stomach fat. I found it a very interesting read and will definitely be using your tips!

    I particularly liked your 16/8 intermittent fasting method. Just out of interest what are your times for the 8-hour eating window? Do you find it easy to stick to your routine daily?

    1. My eating window hours are from 8 am to 4 pm. And this timing makes it easy for me to stick to. The only downside is I don’t get to eat dinner with my family, but since we all work from home we eat lunch together. On the weekends as I mentioned in the post, I don’t fast since I am out with my family and friends.

  2. This is such an interesting post, bursting with information. I never knew that you were unable to target a particular area of the body and needed to implement a whole-body routine. This explains a lot. Thank you!

    1. Unless you go under the knife or any of the medical producers – you can’t target fat. You need to work on the full body. The great thing about building muscle is that you can tone the areas you want to really shine.

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