Best Exercise To Lose Stomach Fat – Full Body Workout Routine For Women and Men

Best Exercise To Lose Stomach Fat – Full Body Workout Routine For Women and Men

The best exercise to lose stomach fat is a full-body workout routine because you can’t target fat in one particular area. To lose the belly fat you need to focus on the whole body. Here is the full-body workout plan that I follow religiously (suitable for both men and women). I do it on a weekly basis!

The Best Exercise To Lose Stomach Fat – Full Body Workout Routine For Women and Men are organized such that I get maximum benefit for my time at the gym. I don’t spend more than 1 – 1.5 hours a day and this exercise regiment allows me to train each muscle group twice a week. I came up with this exercise plan after years of working out and I’ve optimized it for my body. Also, note I am not a personal trainer.

I have several friends (both men and women) who have tried out this plan with success.  There is a slight modification in the chest exercises for females.

If you want to modify the workout for women, I’d also highly recommend checking out Lisa Lanceford and her workouts. You can find her on Instagram and YouTube.

The Workout Routine I Follow

Here is the routine I follow weekly. Remember this is what works for me and my body. If you are going to follow this, make sure you are making note of what your body is telling you, and modify or adjust the workouts to your liking.

Note: Please click the links for each day, this will redirect you to their dedicated pages – with videos on how to perform each exercise properly. 

Key things to note:

  • I take 30-45 seconds rest in between sets
  • I do all my workouts in a fasted state (I do a 16/8 intermittent fasting at least 6 days of the week)
  • I drink about 1L to 1.5L of water during each workout.
  • I am constantly trying to maintain an elevated heart rate and break a sweat, for all my workout sections
  • The minute something feels wrong with my body, I modify the exercises or decrease the weights
  • If I experience any serious issues or pain/ strain that’s my body saying something is not right, I consult my doctor or chiropractor to fix the issue

The Key To My Workout Plan…

The key is to be consistent and notice what your body is telling you. I cannot stress enough what an impact consistency makes when it comes to working out. Working out needs to become part of your daily ritual and that is the only way you will see results.

Push UpAlso, ensure that you are being challenged with your workouts. Make sure you are gradually increasing your weights which will stop you from plateau-ing and ensure you continue building your strength. The key here is to walk out of the gym with the feeling of a great workout, by challenging yourself, but not being so tired that you need a nap after, or you cannot carry on with the rest of your day!

Another key factor that works for me to support consistency is getting my workout out of the way first thing in the morning. I wake up at 4 am, do my morning rituals, and hit the gym by 4:45/5:00 am. This way I never have an excuse to miss a single day at the gym. This also has the added benefit of having next to no one at the gym, which means I don’t have to look for weights or wait for someone to finish at a particular machine. And the cherry on top… the ones that are at the gym at this hour are seriously dedicated, so you will be able to ask for help, and being surrounded by dedicated people will reinforce your own dedication… you are who you surround yourself with.

By hitting the gym first thing in the morning you are going to feel energized all day and have the added bonus of setting your body up to burn fat all day.

Be patient, you are not going to see results overnight. You will start noticing changes in a few weeks both physically and mentally. So go out there and follow through… YES! your body will be sore, but you will learn to love it and the results. Just be consistent!

Take Pictures Weekly But Weigh Yourself Daily

Personally, I love documenting my transformation. I take pictures each week and record my progress. Not only do I see how much my body has changed, and the progress I have made. It also validates my sense of accomplishment and my dedication to an extraordinary life. The weekly progress pictures keep me going, even on days, I don’t want to get up and hit the gym. Plus, there is also nothing wrong with admiring yourself ;).

So takes those pics and use them as your motivators.

When it comes to weighing yourself, I recommend recording your weight daily. As soon as you wake up, do your business and weigh yourself. End of the week take the sum of  your daily weight that week and take the average.

For example, if one records the following:

Monday: 140.2

Tuesday 141.0

Wednesday 140.6

Thursday 140.3

Friday 141.3

Saturday: 140.7

Sunday: 141.4

Weekly average = (sum of Monday to Sunday) /7 = (140.2 + 141.0 + 140.6 + 140.3 + 141.3 + 140.7 + 141.4)/7 = 985.5/7 = 140.8

So in the above example, the weekly average is 140.80 lb.

By recording your weekly average weight, you will get a true representation of your progress. It is important to do this because your weight will fluctuate each day, thus a weekly average tends to be more accurate.

When It Comes To Workouts and Exercise, Proper Form Is Everything!

When I was in my teens and starting out at the gym, I was no different from every other teenage boy. Trying to lift as much as I can and doing it all wrong. Well, I learned the hard way… I injured my shoulders one day, and couldn’t lift up my arms. Luckily for me, it was a soft tissue injury, and I was able to heal it with some laser treatment, physiotherapy and by taking a break from the gym. To this day I still feel it, if I increase the weights for my shoulder press too fast.

This is why I stress proper form to everyone, regardless of age. But as you get older, proper form is crucial, cause you don’t heal as fast. So to make life easier I have Female Bench Pressincluded videos for each accompanying exercise.

When it comes to proper form, Jeff Cavaliere and his videos are amazing. If you haven’t heard of Jeff, he is the personal trainer to countless athletes and they live by his words at the gym. I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel and website No, I am not affiliated with Jeff or Lisa (noted above), I just think they do an excellent job with their workouts and breaking down the form.

Again if you are planning on hitting the gym always follow proper form for each exercise, as they will lower the chances of injury and be more effective at building muscle and toning the body. Literally, proper form is more bang for your time.

Starting Off At The Gym

Whenever someone is starting out at the gym. The one thing I tell them is to aim for weights that allow them to do 8 to 12 reps slightly above comfortable. Close to the end of each set, they should get a shaky feeling. If they can do 15 reps comfortably, without shakiness, it’s time to increase the weight. Always increase weights gradually! This is why the first two to four weeks at the gym for anyone starting off, has a steep learning curve.

You are going to feel uncomfortable… that’s fine! Everyone starts off this way. Hey, you are at the gym and putting in the time, take pride in that. Your muscles are not used to lifting, so it’s going to take time to stabilize. This is why, for example, when you are doing bench press, your arms are not straight, they are moving the bar all over the place.

Don’t worry start with light weights, have someone to spot you, and let the muscles stabilize. This is also why I prefer free weights over machines. Free weights help stabilize your muscles without your dominant side making up for the weakness of the nondominant side.Spotter At The Gym

Of course if you hire a good personal trainer you can accelerate your progress, by having someone teach you the basics. If not try finding someone who is already getting the results you want, and see if you can workout with them. Oh, don’t be shy to ask people at the gym how to do an exercise properly (find the people that know what they are doing though), or ask for a spot – most of them will be willing to help.

Finally, before starting off any workout program, always speak with your doctor regardless of your age. It is always good to have your doctor monitor you and let them know about your lifestyle. Seriously, find yourself a really good doctor, if you don’t already have one. It’s one of the best things you will do for yourself.

The earlier in your life you find a good doctor, do an annual physical and keep your doctor informed about your lifestyle the better it will be for you down the line – this is my personal opinion.

You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet!

I have heard this line countless times, and each time I hear it, I cannot agree more. No matter what you do, if you want all that work at the gym to pay off, you need a proper diet that you stick to and that is consistent. My advice to anyone trying to diet is don’t!

Instead, make a lifestyle change. You are not working out, and living healthy, so you can give up the foods you love. You are doing it so you can eat the foods you love for the rest of your life. That is why you should make a lifestyle change. Follow a proper eating plan that incorporates all the foods you love, and the ones you can live without, but are good for you.

Don’t count calories, follow the macros instead. I never seem to understand why people count calories. Calories are a bad indicator of a healthy lifestyle. I suggest Salad With Vegyou figure out your calorie requirement and use MyFitnessPal to keep track of your daily macros and calories. Also, use a food scale to keep track of how much you are consuming… you don’t need anything fancy, I personally use the Ozeri Food Scale which has served me faithfully for the past five years with no issues. When you have figured out your calories and your macro split coupled with a food scale and MyFitnessPal you are fully equipped to stay on track.

For my diet which I share on “what I eat daily” post. I personally follow a high fat (55%), moderate carbs (25%) and protein (20%) diet. I do this because I like being lean and cut all year round, having energy all day long, and I want to maintain a healthy brain and body.

I switched to this meal plan after reading Dr. Steven Masley’s “The Better Brain Solution“. This is one of the books I think everyone should read. Here is a post I wrote on why I switched to low carb and high (smart) fat diet after reading Dr Masley’s book: High Fat and Low Carb Diet… I Did It For My Brain!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, this is this my best exercise to lose stomach fat, there are no short cuts and once you get in the habit of things it becomes easy. You can’t target fat in one particular area, it has to be a full-body approach.

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12 thoughts on “Best Exercise To Lose Stomach Fat – Full Body Workout Routine For Women and Men

  1. This is really great info and I appreciate all the links you provided not only for the diet book but also all the Youtube video links showing how to do proper form for each exercise.
    Thanks for sharing your personal routine! Do you ever switch it up with something else? I’ve been an avid gym goer for years and will find myself quite often bored. So now I’ll go through periods of doing HIIT one week and then doing yoga for a couple of weeks before going back to my weight training and cardio routine.

    1. Jennifer, you are right other forms are beneficial. I love lifting weights cause I love having that beach body all year long and for me, boredom is not an issue… I am usually listening to audio books or switching up the music. I guess that my way of dealing with boredom.

      Thanks to my wife I have recently joined yoga and I must say it helps a lot. I will post my update once I am doing yoga for a few months consistently.

      But I absolutely agree with you. Changing up your workout routine to create variety is so beneficial… especially if it will continue to keep you active.

  2. This is a great post. I absolutely agree with your principles of getting up early to exercise. There is no excuse we all have time at 4am if we choose. I am also an advocate of no diet just good food and healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yep, when you get it out of the way first thing in the morning you feel great and you set yourself up to win. Because you have accomplished something significant for the day, and you can build on this success.

  3. This looks like really helpful site to start getting in shape. I like the way you cover so many aspects to make a well-balanced life. The muscle building diet looks really promising also. Great blog with beautiful pictures and inspiring words. And the income opportunities are great too. So glad i happened on you blog. I will definitely bookmark it.

  4. I question working out at the gym. Working out for me is supposed to increase my energy levels not expend them and leave me exhausted.

    This is why I use a routine of Qi Gong and Yoga. I can work out, stay in shape yet get the benefit of increased energy.

    Given your life of Zen, I am interested in your thought in this area.

    1. Derek,

      I haven’t heard of Qi Gong but will definitely look into this.

      I personally think living an active lifestyle is so beneficial and best to see what helps you achieve this. Personally going to the gym works for me, because I know exactly how I want my body to look and after spending years to optimize it for my body it’s very easy and almost like second nature.

      I have recently started doing yoga thanks to my wife. And I can already see the benefits. I will post my update once I am doing yoga for a few months consistently.

  5. It is true that you can’t out train a bad diet. I was doing 1 hour running every 3 days and the other days i was doing muscle improving exercises. But because i ate too much and in the wrong hours, i was gaining weight and not losing!

    1. Hey George,

      It’s good to notice what’s working and what’s not to achieve your goals and make the necessary changes. I highly recommend reading The Better Brain Solution which gives you a better understanding of nutrition and things to look out for.

  6. Wow! This is a complete workout routine one should follow. A consistent workout should go with the proper diet. Being a morning person, this will work for me. Instead of taking rest in the last day of the week can we take rest in the middle and of the week or follow alternative days?

    1. You can take rest on any day you want. The idea is to slowly work your way up and not burn yourself out. This way you will build the habit and not quit.

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